Over the past few years, thanks to events like the 9/11 attacks, there has been a resurgence in the belief in conspiracy theories. I have researched conspiracies for a long time now and feel like I can give some expertise in the debunking of many of the old and new theories.

I started studying conspiracies as far back as when I ran a small computer BBS. Here is a little blurb about my BBS days.

“I ran Radio Free Illinois pretty much constant for ten years starting in the spring of 1988. Before that I did some intermittent testing using a TRS-80 color computer. Eventually broke down and got an IBM XT clone and started Radio Free Illinois. I had started using RBBS since it was a free, open source program and allowed some real changes. In the mid 90’s I got involved with FIDO and The internet and had fairly good setup. I still have much of the software I used.” – Mike Bohler AKA Dr. Oldsmobile