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Conspiracy News for the week ending December 1, 2017 – Episode #68

  1. Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Says Prince Harry’s Engagement Is Part of British Takeover.
  2. People Think The Nazis Invented Minions In Disturbing Conspiracy Theory.
  3. No, Sarah Sanders Didn’t Steal a Thanksgiving Pie Photo From PBS.
  4. Trial set for professor who sued Florida Atlantic for firing him over his Sandy Hook hoax theory.

Alex Jones Quotes:

The Las Vegas shooting was as phony as Obama’s birth certificate. (MM)

I know the Las Vegas gunman was a liberal because he drank Pepsi. (MM)

Children have been kidnapped and sent to a slave colony on Mars. (MM)

warns of pig/gorilla/human hybrids who can talk. (MM)

Jennifer Lopez Go To Somalia Where She’ll “Be Gang Raped So Fast It’ll Make Your Head Spin”. (MM)

The photo circulated to ‘support’ the claim is actually a photo of a Hall and Rees submarine escape suit that dates back to around 1908 – many years before the rise of Nazism – and not a device used to administer poison to children, thankfully.

    See The Resemblance 


My appearance on Zach Law’s Zachrilege Cast.


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