Conspiracy News for the week ending January 26, 2018 – Episode #75

  1. Mattress Firm conspiracy theory grows after accounting problems
  2. Mattress Firm responds to conspiracy theory about its business
  3. Conspiracy Group Claims Bitcoin Created by Rogue AI –
  4. Three Atlanta Blackout Conspiracy Theories You Need to See | Top Secret Writers
  5. Alex Jones: Trump’s March For Life Speech Proves Once And For All He’s Not In The Illuminati | Right Wing Watch

Alex Jones Quotes:

The Las Vegas shooting was as phony as Obama’s birth certificate. (MM)

I know the Las Vegas gunman was a liberal because he drank Pepsi. (MM)

Children have been kidnapped and sent to a slave colony on Mars. (MM)

Warns of pig/gorilla/human hybrids who can talk. (MM)

Jennifer Lopez Go To Somalia Where She’ll “Be Gang Raped So Fast It’ll Make Your Head Spin”. (MM)

Lesbians torture women and eat their brains. (LGBTQN)

(MM) Media Maters, (LGBTQN) LGBTQ Nation


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