One of my little projects here has been to watch the goings-on of talk radio kook Alex Jones.

This is the start of an ongoing list of factual errors made by Mr. Jones during the course of his radio program.

  1. Benito Mussolini was on the payroll of MI5 and the CIA. The truth is that during the First World War, Mussolini recieved financing from MI5 to write news stories in support of the Allied war effort to try to prevent Italy from dropping out of the First World War. MI5 stop supporting him after the war’s end. Mussolini would eventually be killed in the spring of 1945. The CIA wouldn’t exist until after 1946 and would be incapable of paying Mussolini since it didn’t exist.
  2. Adolph Hitler was on the payroll of MI5 and the CIA. The truth behind this is that there is no evidence whatsoever to support this. Again, the CIA wouldn’t exist until 1946 and thus couldn’t possibly have supported Adolph Hitler who died in the spring of 1945. A possible side note is that the US State Department and the Army to acquire German scientists ran an operation called “Paperclip” that would allow various Nazi scientists into the country hiding their potential criminal activities during Hitler’s rule.
  3. Aspartame derived from E. coli. The truth is that from its first discovery in 1965 to about the year 2003 all the world’s aspartame production was done by a synthesis process combining L-Aspartic acid, Phenylalanine and methanol. And none of these chemicals came from E. coli. In 2003 though, a process using genetically modified E. coli to produce Phenylalanine. At this time I can’t find any evidence that this source of Phenylalanine is used to produce aspartame since this is a very expensive process.
  4. The Boy Scouts of America is modeled from Germany’s Hitler youth. The truth behind this is that the Boy Scouts of America was modeled after a British organization known as the Baden-Powell scouts. The Boy Scouts of America came into existence in 1920′s. Germany had a similar organization but after Hitler gained power in Germany would change the organization into what would be called the Hitler youth movement.
  5. Jones stated, “We send our income tax checks to the federal reserve.” The truth is that we send our tax checks to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who deposits it in the United States treasury. The treasury distributes these funds to pay government debts. The Federal Reserve has no say or control of this.